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Contact Information and Resumes

Please keep in mind that I am a programmer, not a web designer. This web page was written with only Notepad++ and FileZilla. I have experience writing web apps but they can't be displayed on this server.

My resume can be found in here It is up to date as of 15-Jun-2013.

Contact Information
Knute Snortum
17850 NW Park View Blvd
Portland, OR 97229

Some Code Samples

These code samples are very basic. Most of the complex code I wrote is owned by my employer at the time.

Java With WebStart

This is a program I wrote in Java for a small church. It's a way of scheduling "hospitality" volunteers in a way that a) they get to work with someone they like or need, and b) they only get asked to volunteer as infrequently as possible. You can see the code at GitHub. Note: the code is incomplete in a lot of ways. See the README.

To run this program in Web Start, first download this file and save it somewhere convenient. Then when the program asks you to pick a file, select it. The file is demo data you can use to run the program. The JavaDocs are here.

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Simple CGI with Perl

The following is a very simple CGI program written in Perl that calculated the number of year from a given date and returns a simple page with the years printed on it. It does not use the Perl::CGI module. Data is sent in through the URL and is therefore not secure. View the source of this page or hover over the link to see how the CGI is called.

Web Search Engine

This is a web search engine I wrote for a comic string call "Bruno". It uses Perl and text files as the database. I wanted to use MySQL but my co-worker wanted to be able to edit the data without knowing SQL.

If you decide to use this search, it should be noted that although ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the strip is just people talking, this is an adult strip and may contain adult situations. Take care if you're at work.

See the Bruno search engine or look at the code.

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